A Unique Program

Experience + Infrastructure = Results

We are the only coaching staff in club baseball that has trained 10 players that have reached the Major Leagues. Our staff combines the highest level of expertise to train your child to the highest level. In addition, PCA is the only baseball academy that has their own training complex complete with 2 fields, 6 Cages and 4 clay pack mounds.


No other team will put as many coaches on the field with our experience!

There are 3 to 4 coaches at practice to focus on improving individual skill sets and team oriented drills. Our mission with our club teams is to elevate each player's skill and understanding of the game with the goal of preparing them to make their High School team and beyond.

There have been 10 of our players to make their Varsity team as a Freshman! One PCA player made All-State as a Freshman (Soph-Senior too!)


During the season, you can expect to practice two times per weeks at the PCA training fields. Practices are generally 2 hours and cover all aspects of the game. The players are taught to play the game with a professional approach and using skills and techniques that will carry forward in the childs path. We teach the game to improve the skill set and baseball IQ of the player first and foremost.

Because of the unique facilities that PCA has, practices can include all aspects of the game, sometimes broken up in stations, sometimes as a team in scrimmage format. We have the ability to train in cages, on the field or in bullpen sessions.

Skill Clinics

Throughout the year, typically on Fridays, PCA will hold a position clinic covering various skills from Catching, Corners, Middle-Infield, Outfield or Pitching. These skill clinics really emphasize techniques and practice drills that players will be able to use throughout their careers. Clinics are taught by experts on the position and include all age levels.


The fields and cages are available before and after practice for any additional work that you want to do. Team members are encouraged to use hitting cages and machines to work alone or with their parents on skills that are taught in practice and at clinics. There are a variety of training tools that can be borrowed to work on agilities, fundamentals and skills on the fields when they are open.

You will often find Moms and Dads of players tossing a few extra buckets or hitting some additional ground balls to their kids at any time.


The emphasis at PCA is improving skills and baseball IQ. However the teams are highly competitive and play tournament ball to win. You can expect to your child to be coached by a professional coaching staff at games and the game to be played in a high level manner in all aspects.

Many PCA teams have accomplished very successful seasons including national and state rankings. During Spring and Fall seasons you can expect to play 2 tournaments per month.


PCA has kids ages 8-18 and many kids have grown up playing for many years together. This year was the first annual PCA campout at Bartlett Lake. Kids and parents spent the day and night on the beach and the water, Barbecueing, water skiing and having a good time.

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