Batting Cage Rentals

Batting Cage Rentals: $30 per hour

6 lighted full distance batting cages.

Full 80' batting cages will benefit you by being able to see the ball travel further to get a better read on how well the ball has been hit. It also gives you the flexibility to have a tee section for your team to hit in while the other hitter is hitting live or soft toss. Cages have an Iron Mike Pitching machine and also a Home Plate hand feed machine that throws all varieties of pitches. Cages can be split into 40' distances, perfect for tee, soft toss and live batting practice. For example: The average distance the hitter and coach live session was 35 feet.

Clean up goes a lot faster as the balls will accumulate near you. More pitches= more swings. All 80’ cages have artificial turf and have pitching mounds in them if you want to have a "LIVE" pitchers session in your cage. Player’s Choice gives you more options than other existing batting cage facility!

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