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Scottsdale Youth Baseball Training
Our Scottsdale Training Complex

Competitive USSSA Tournament Baseball Club

Players Choice Academy is an elite Baseball Training Facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Former MLB players instruct ages 10U through 18U athletes on the MECHANICS of the game. Tournament play in USSSA and other travel tournaments. Tryouts can be requested at anytime. Full and partial club facilities available for rental upon request.

The foremost principle that PCA values, is the individual development of each player. PCA will help elevate the mental and physical skill level of our players, with the main objective to further their careers in high school, college, and professional baseball. We will create an environment that fulfills the needs of each player. There have been 10 PCA players to make their varsity baseball squad as a freshmen!

No other program in the state of Arizona puts as many coaches on the field with our experience and out facilities are unparalleled amongst club baseball teams in the Southwest.

Scottsdale Youth Travel Baseball USSSA
Club Baseball for Ages 9-18

PCA Instructors Have Played at
the Very Highest Level of Baseball

Head Instructor, Steve Ontiveros
Brian Harper
Brett Harper
Darwin Perez

Professional InstructorsCoaches with the highest level experience

Our staff is made up of instructors that have played and coached at the very highest levels of baseball. Because of this, we teach mechanics and fundamental skill sets that correlate with professional level play. This means not having to un-learn habits or techniques that are learned through amateur level coaches or parents.

Right View Pro
See mechanics in real-time on a tablet

TechnologyRightview Pro

Staff at Players Choice Academy use Right View Pro software for side by side comparison analysis of pitching and hitting mechanics. This allows for MLB players and club players' mechanics to be broken down frame by frame for comparison.

The software allows the instructor to annotate directly on the screen, circling or drawing lines on exact points of reference on a player's body. This analysis can be used to correct these points of reference resulting in a professional throwing or hitting technique to be developed. The video can be viewed by the player on the field during lessons or drills, or sent via email for analysis later.

PCA is the only club team in Arizona
with their own practice fields

PCA Training Facility and Practice Fields

PCA is the only baseball academy in Arizona that maintains their own training facility. Including lighted fields, bullpens and batting cages. This allows us to do things that other programs simply cannot do. Both pitching mounds and batting cages have a cooling system and additionaly, one of the fields which is lighted so that we can run practice day and night.

Our Goal is to Further Opportunities
in High School, College and Professionally

Our Teams10u - 18u Travel Ball

PCA's goal is to improve your child's baseball IQ, preparing them for High School and beyond. Our travel teams help to put this learning into action.

We are currently seeking qualified baseball players looking for a fun and challenging program in which to learn the game of baseball. We are actively looking for 10u-18u players for the 2019 Spring seasons. If you would like to recieve a free assessment and be considered for inclusion in the program please contact us today.

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